Windshield repair vs. replacement: Which is better for you?

The damage caused by a chip or crack in your car’s windshield might not be as severe as you initially fear. If your windshield has chips, cracks, or other damage, you may not need to replace the whole thing. Auto glass repair often results in a windshield that looks as good as new. Repairing a cracked windshield is much more cost-effective than replacing it. But how can you determine if your windshield has to be replaced or repaired?

Some indicators that a windshield replacement is necessary rather than a repair are provided below.

Figure Out How Big the Damage Really Is

Size does important when it comes to cracks on the windshield. It’s a major consideration in determining whether or not the windshield can be fixed or must be replaced.

While every situation calls for its own assessment, a reasonable rule of thumb is that if the damaged area is smaller than a dollar bill, auto glass repair could be an option.

If the damage is worse, it’s likely that mending it won’t be worth the hassle, and a new windshield will be necessary. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, so it’s always wise to have a professional take a look at your windshield before deciding whether or not to replace it.

Damage Location

The location of the chip or crack on the windshield is just as essential as the size of the damaged area. Damage in the line of sight of the driver should be fixed or replaced.

Auto glass repair may leave a mark, even if the break or chip is small, which could obscure the driver’s view. It is quite unlikely that a corner crack can be repaired, and a new windshield will be needed. This is because a chipped corner makes the entire windshield brittle and vulnerable to shattering at any time.

How Bad Is the Current Damage?

An auto glass repair has a far better chance of success when there is minimal damage present. If there are three chips or cracks or fewer, it is probably sufficient to just patch them. More than three, however, and the windshield loses strength and becomes more easily broken in an accident. If damage is very severe and you are planning to get rid of it then you can sell at cash for cars Beecroft.

When there is extensive cracking or chipping, it is usually better to get a new windshield than to have the old one repaired.

Just a few guidelines were offered above to help you choose if you need a new windshield or if vehicle glass repair is a better option. But to get a firm response, you should have an expert go over the damage.

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