Why Terrazzo Tiles Are The Best Pick For Homes? A Guide To Trendy Interior Design

An Introduction to Terrazzo Tiles

In modern times to the early 90s, the tinge of colors in the nook and crannies of the domestic space or the commercial space are highly adored as spectators usually get carried away. 90s people are quite accustomed to the speckled look of the interiors created by the incorporation of Terrazo look tiles. Stepping into the threshold of the 20s, the choice of the users has undergone a massive shift, and consequently, for a short period, these tiles became out of the sight. All credit goes to the subtle look and the elegance that compelled the interior designers to experiment with this form of tiles and to bring it back into fashion. However, Terrazzo Tiles has a rich history with it and its journey of evolution is quite fascinating.

In ancient Egyptian culture, usage of the Terrazzo tiles was traced out in the mosaics of the elite homes and it originated in Venice, where the marble and concrete were amalgamated to form the earliest version of these tiles. Your hunt for the exquisite look in your sweet home ends with the Terrazzo tiles, which may add a subtle touch of elegance like that of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. While embellishing your home or your dream business space, always remember that first impressions are valuable and no effort should be missed to turn the first glance into a remarkable one. Using the Terrazzo tiling in the chosen places can prove to be an absolute game changer. 

Features of Terrazzo Tiles:

Whether you are hailing from the 90s or 20s, you must have at least once in a lifetime heard about the popularity of Terrazzo tiles. Here we have included some of the features that are in reality the reasons for its eminence.

 Scratch and stain proof-

Have you ever given a second thought before making a choice for the tile options? If yes, then it must be due to the light shade of the tiles. The manufacturers of tiles often report that the majority of people avoid the lighter shade of tiles owing to the stubborn stains and scratches on tiles and it creates a negative impression in the mind of the guests. Terrazzo look tiles are there in the domain of interior decoration to save you from the embarrassment in front of visitors, while the surface of the tiles is going to offer ultimate protection against stains and scratches. Even these tiles are immune to chemicals and acids and the shine of your floor or mosaics in the wall is not going to be ceased anyway. 

An eco-friendly option-

Ranging from marble to quartz and ceramic material is highly eco-friendly and they are fused to bless your home with an unmatched glaze and sophistication. Moreover, you can stay assured that the interior items of your home especially the tiles are not going to contribute to the negative footprints in the environment. 

A wide variety-

Glaze finish to matte ones, striking colors, and even a wide variety of patterns are available when it comes to Terrazzo tiles you have the utmost freedom to match your tiles with the decors or paints of the rooms.

Exquisite looks-

To jazz up the look of your rooms, you can undoubtedly give a try to this speckled til patterns as its abstract forms are just ideal whenever paired up with classic or contemporary furniture.

High Durability-

Usage of raw materials especially ceramic and clay items is conducive to ascertaining high durability and longevity and even after years of usage, the condition of the floors or other spaces remains intact. 

How to beautify your home with Terrazzo Tiles?

Terrazzo tiles are not anyway slip-resistant, still, their strategic usage can aid you to serve your versatile needs. Here we have listed some of the best tips derived from the tiles retailers to aid you in getting hold of incorporating Terrazzo patterned tiles in the best manner possible. 

During the installation of the tiles, you can specifically stress the rough edges and request the craftsman to maintain a rough edge in terms of avoiding tripping or slipping in it.  

Additionally, on special request, you can add non-slippery additives to the floors.

Instead of the same colors, you can choose to mix and match the vibrant color options to amp up the overall look and steal the hearts of the spectators.

Being easily maintainable, regular mopping or dusting enables the tiles to last longer.

Terrazzo in comparison to other tile options is quite cost-effective and may not squander a load of money from you. Hence, choosing this tile would be a wise yet economical decision.

Apart from the floors, you can choose to make your kitchen experience most beautiful, and owing to this purpose, they cast the kitchen space with a splash of colors. Even the modest yet subtle look would also set a classy image of you. 

Key Highlights

From versatility to aesthetic appeal, Terrazzo tiles are going to remain timeless and even it can also reflect the creative bent of your mind. Looking to experiment with finger tiles as well? Visit the retailers near you to receive more outstanding ideas and pro tips on it. 

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