Why should you use hydraulic bolt tensioners?

Nowadays, with technological development, many changes are coming into this world. The world has been growing with leaps and bounds since new inventions started to take place. However, the main thing people need to take care of is their safety and reliability on the energy or infrastructure given to us by this development. In this contemporary era, whatever we are building, the main thing needed to be taken care of is bolted connections. If the joints connected with bolts will not be stronger, then it may have a bad impact on the whole structure. With the advanced technology of bolt tensioning, we do not need to worry about significant threats that can be caused by bolted connections. You should always buy a good quality hydraulic bolt tensioner. You can find various hydraulic bolt tensioner manufacturers around you, but you should always rely on a trusted one.

What is hydraulic bolt tensioning?

In the energy industry, the main thing is to ensure that bolt tensioning has been done with the highest level of accuracy, productivity, and safety on critical joints. This is what can only be achieved by hydraulic bolt tensioning. Some large diameters of bolts are hard to tighten accurately without this process. One interesting fact about this technology is that it does not use torque or the force required to turn the nut or bolt. It is not like many wrenches or other flogging spanners where friction is the main problem.

What benefits of hydraulic bolt tensioners?

Although there are many benefits of it, we will discuss the main benefits of it. Since it is reliable and does not use friction, it helps to ensure that the whole operation is leak free. There are many things needed to be taken care of in an industry, but the most important among all is the workforce. You can only ensure their safety by using bolt tensioners made by the best bolt tensioner manufacturer. It also helps to save time and money.

  • It is more precise than compare to other bolt tensioning systems. It gives the best reliability by providing accurate loads to the joints.
  • Some people may also talk about bolt torquing. However, bolt tensioning is quicker than bolt torquing. By eliminating the cross-talk, it provides the perfect load needed across the joint. It also reduces the delays that can occur and ensure that no rework is needed.
  • Since there is no handwork required during bolt tensioning, it also decreases the chances of any mishap. In short, all work-related accidents can be minimized through this.

In conclusion, hydraulic bolt tensioning is one of the most reliable methods for tightening the bolt or nut. It is safe and can save you money. Because of the less hand-power required, all the accidents that can potentially happen can be decreased. However, you should always get this from a trusted company. There are many bolt tensioner manufacturers, but you should not choose one without researching properly. As compared to other methods, it has more benefits.

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