Viral Video: Groom Steals Food From Bride’s Plate; Internet Is Amused With Their Adorable Banter

The Internet can be one fun place. With just a click of a button, everything is available to us. We frequently come across many stories and videos that make us laugh and give us wholesome entertainment. One such video that makes us feel both the emotions is of an Indian bride and groom that have gone viral! Now, if you are wondering what is it about this video, then let us tell you. In a reel uploaded by @vimona_events, we see a bride and groom sitting on the lunch table, devouring a hearty meal. While the bride is busy talking to someone beside her, the groom adorably steals papad from her plate. As soon as the bride sees the papad is missing, she snatches parts of the papad back from the groom! Take a look at the video here:

Isn’t this video just too wholesome? Ever since it was uploaded, the video has been viewed 2.1 million times, has 94.8k likes and hundreds of comments! Upon seeing this video, many people have said, “this couple is so cute.” One user also added, “To my future husband, please don’t steal my food!” Others have commented with several hearts and given this video thumbs up!

While this is one such video of the bride and groom engaging in banter, it is surely not the only one! Recently another video that went viral was of a bride giving away her gol gappa to the groom. In a video posted by the bride herself, @imahimaagarwal, shared this snippet from her wedding, which is now going viral on social media. When the bride is served an atte ka puri, she reaches for it and quickly turns to her husband and says, “yeh atte ka hai, yeh mujhe nahi chhaiye” (This is made of wheat flour, I don’t want it) before waiting for her husband to take it from her hands. Her friends and family burst out laughing, and the bride is seen adorably giggling as well.

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