Video: “Modi Zindabad”, Says Punjab Minister, Surrounded By BJP Workers

A video shows BJP workers shouting “Jai Shri Ram” as they block OP Soni’s car

New Delhi:

In the intense political row over the security breach that left Prime Minister Narendra Modi stuck on a highway in Punjab, a top minister of the state’s Congress government found himself surrounded by protesting BJP workers on a road. In a video that is in wide circulation, he is seen chanting PM Modi’s name to get the protesters to back off.

Punjab Deputy Chief Minister OP Soni was driving to Amritsar when his car was stopped and surrounded by BJP workers protesting the PM’s security breach yesterday.

A video shows the BJP workers shouting “Jai Shri Ram” as they block Mr Soni’s car. He is then seen raising “Modi Zindabad” slogans, after which the protesters let him go.

A blame game has erupted over the Prime Minister’s security breach in the run-up to the Punjab election in February-March.

PM Modi was on his way to an election rally in Ferozepur in Punjab when his convoy was stuck on a flyover just 10 km from the site. The route was blocked by protesters.

The PM was on the flyover for 20 minutes before the convoy turned back and headed to the Bathinda airport.

The centre and the ruling BJP have accused the Punjab government of endangering PM Modi’s life.

The Congress has thrown back the allegations, alleging that the PM’s last-minute change of plans was a violation of his security protocol. The Prime Minister was originally meant to fly to the rally in a helicopter but couldn’t because of bad weather.

Central government sources today put out a pointed rebuttal, asserting that the Punjab police were informed about PM Modi’s road journey and route clearance was taken from the state police chief.

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