Users of OpenAI ChatGPT have reported a login loop or an internal server issue.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage these days, and some predict its impact will rival that of the industrial revolution.

ChatGPT, a model developed by OpenAI, can hold natural-sounding conversations with humans. ChatGPT may answer follow-up questions, admit faults, and even decline unsuitable requests.

The fact that it can answer sophisticated queries and do complex tasks like creating a contract for customers suggests that it could significantly alter the search engine’s operation in the future.

Users of OpenAI ChatGPT are either locked in an infinite login loop or receiving an internal server error.

Users can access Playground for OpenAI and DaVinci graphic AI using their existing OpenAI accounts. The problem is that users who try to visit OpenAI ChatGPT are caught in an infinite cycle.

It appears that the issue occurs when a user tries to sign into their account. After they have entered their login information and clicked the login button, they are taken back to the login screen.

This holds true despite repeated tries from different browsers and devices (including mobile) to log in.

After several exchanges, or even right from the get-go, users are confronted with a “Internal server error” prompt in response to their inquiry.

Alternative solutions

Fortunately, we think we may have found a solution that will eliminate the login loop. OpenAI has sent you a verification email, so all you have to do is check it and activate your account:

Update 1

Users are now claiming that ChatGPT gives them a “network problem” whenever they receive a very lengthy response.

Additionally, some users have mentioned seeing a “Too many requests, please slow down” warning. Inconveniently, nobody on the support staff seems to have noticed the issue.

Update 2

A user mentioned that they were informed that ChatGPT was fully utilized at the time. Just scroll down and have a look!

Informational Update 3

A Gateway Timeout error was received by one user, suggesting that the server problems are still active, as mentioned in a recent tweet.

Update 4

The ChatGPT servers are currently offline or not working for some users, according to complaints on Twitter and Reddit.

Apparently, many people are getting a “ChatGPT is full at the moment” error.

Update 5

Chat GPT has apparently been banned by the NYC Department of Education over safety concerns and fears that it will have a negative impact on classroom instruction and student performance. Read on for further explanation.

Update 6

New reports suggest that Chat GPT is now unavailable for some users.

Update 7

We haven’t seen any new reports of problems with Chat GPT, so maybe the outage is over.

Update 8

Twitter users (1, 2, 3, 4) have stated that Chat GPT is temporarily unavailable. Also, Down detector reports point in the same direction.

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