Udyam Registration Procedure For Private Limited Companies

A private limited company is a type of privately owned small business. A Private Limited Company’s members are only accountable for the number of shares they actually possess. Shares of Private Limited Companies cannot be traded openly. Every aspect of the Udyam Registration process for pvt ltd (private limited) companies is covered in this article.

Udyam Registration for Private Limited Company Members’ Characteristics

Members– According to the 2013 Companies Act, a company must have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 200 members in order to be incorporated.

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Limited Obligation– Each shareholder or member has a certain amount of liability. It implies that shareholders of a firm are required to sell their own assets in order to recover losses, regardless of the circumstances. The shareholders’ private, individual assets are not under danger.

Permanent succession– Even in the event of a member’s demise, insolvency, or bankruptcy, the corporation maintains its legal existence. This results in the company’s perpetual succession. The company’s existence continues indefinitely.

Index of members– A private company has an advantage over a public corporation in that it is not required to keep an index of its members, but a public company is.

A private business only needs two directors, as far as the number of directors is concerned. A private corporation can start operations if there are two directors.

Paid-up capital– It must have a paid-up capital of at least Rs. 1 lakh, or a greater amount as may occasionally be prescribed.

Prospectus– A prospectus is a comprehensive summary of a firm’s operations that is released by a company to the general public. The public is not asked to subscribe for shares of a private limited business, hence there is no need to prepare a prospectus in this instance.

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Minimum subscription– The minimum subscription is the sum that the firm must receive in order to issue 90% of the shares within a given time frame. The company cannot start new business if they are unable to receive 90% of the total. A private limited corporation has the option of allocating shares to the general public without meeting the minimum subscription requirement.

Name– All private companies must use the word “private” in their names.

Documents required to register as Udyam For Pvt Ltd Company

  1. Aadhar number 
  2. PAN number
  3. Address of the business
  4. Bank account number
  5. The basic business activity 
  6. NIC 2 digit code 
  7. Investment details (Plant/equipment details)
  8. Turnover details (as per new MSME definition)
  9. Partnership deed
  10. Sales and purchase bill copies 
  11. Copies of licences and bills of purchased machinery

Steps for establishing a private limited corporation through Udyam registration portal

Following the organisation of all the required paperwork, the candidate must perform the following: Udyam Registration For Partnership Firm can be finished fast by following these simple steps: –

Step 1: Visit the Udyam Registration Portal web page first.

Step 2: From the menu, choose Udyam Registration For Private Limited Company.

Step 3: Complete the form with the necessary data.

Step 4: Enter the registered phone number or email address to receive the OTP.

Step 5: You will receive application assistance from one of the qualified specialists.

Step 6: The email address you supplied upon registering will get a copy of your Udyam Certificate.

Benefits of MSME Udyam registration for PVT Ltd Companies

It is optional to register your MSME on udyam registration portal. If you opt to register, your company can benefit from an excise exemption plan from direct taxes, take advantage of special banking programmes designed specifically for MSMEs, and much more.

Additionally, registered companies with an MSME certificate will gain favour with a number of government agencies, including power.

The advantages are listed below:

  • Lowest bank loan interest rates
  • Take advantage of tax credits designed specifically for MSMEs and Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT)
  • Credit for MSMEs is incredibly accessible.
  • Payment of ISO Certification Fees
  • Take advantage of exclusive discounts and breaks on patents and business setups.
  • one-time settlement charge for the outstanding balance
  • Government support for MSMEs
  • Reduction in electricity costs
  • Get government credit guarantee programmes.
  • Regarding international trade fairs, in particular
  • Subsidy for barcode registration
  • The assistance of your state government


We are impartial consultants who provide Udyam Registration to company owners. Anyone who wishes to register their firm, whether it be a partnership, sole proprietorship, or private limited company, may do so by filing an application for Udyam Registration online at the udyam registration centre.

Only the brief registration form needs to be filled out; the rest is up to us. With the help of our knowledgeable experts, you may effortlessly obtain an Udyam Certificate online. Check out this page for a full article on how to apply for a bank loan through a detailed project report.

To sum up, the Udyam registration procedure is crucial for private Ltd businesses to enjoy the many government perks and maximise their growth potential. Pvt Limited businesses can easily sign up for Udyam by entering their Aadhar card information and other pertinent data on the Udyam registration portal. Pvt Ltd businesses get a lot from udyam registration, including access to government programmes and perks, greater market credibility and recognition, security from late payments, and preferential lending from banks. 

Pvt Ltd businesses may support the expansion and development of the MSME sector, which is crucial for the nation’s overall economic growth, by signing up for Udyam. As a result, it is essential for Pvt Ltd businesses to benefit from the Udyam registration procedure and all of its advantages in order to accelerate their development and support the expansion of the Indian economy.

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