Video: Air India Pilots Ace UK Storm Landing, Praised As “Very Skilled”

Storm Eunice sparked the first-ever “red” weather warning for London New Delhi: The pilots of two Air India flights demonstrated expertise and skill by safely landing their Boeing Dreamliner aircraft into London’s Heathrow on Friday afternoon, even as storm Eunice left hundreds of flights delayed, diverted or cancelled. Captains Anchit Bhardwaj and Aditya Rao were … Read more

Storm Eunice: 13 Dead, 2 Lakh Homes Still Without Power In UK – 10 Points

Storm Eunice has led to first ever “red” weather warning for London. Thirteen people were killed by falling trees, flying debris and high winds in Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland as Storm Eunice carved a deadly trail across Western Europe. Here are the latest updates on devastation caused by Eunice: More than … Read more

Millions Tune In To Watch Pilots Land In London As Storm Eunice Rages

Storm Eunice is responsible for cutting off power to over 140,000 homes in England. London: As Storm Eunice battered Britain with record-breaking wind speeds and astonishing waves on Friday, hundreds of thousands of viewers tuned in to a nail-biting live video of planes making bumpy, impressive landings in the UK capital. In a YouTube livestream that … Read more