“We f***ing Hit Them”: Report Says Russian Ship That Attacked Snake Island Destroyed

Russian shelling has caused widespread destruction in Ukraine. The Russian warship that bombed the Snake Island in Black Sea on the first day of Ukraine war has been destroyed, according to The Times. The report quotes Ukrainian military sources to say that the warship Vasily Bykov was destroyed in a missile fire. The Russian naval … Read more

Ukraine Soldiers Who Told Russian Ship “Go Fu*k Yourself”, Alive: Reports

Ukraine had lost contact with its forces on Zmiinyi, or Snake Island New Delhi: A group of Ukrainian troops, who were believed to have been killed in action after defying the Russian Navy’s warning to surrender, are alive after they were taken prisoners, the news website Spectator Index claimed in a tweet. On the second … Read more

“Go F*** Yourself”, Ukrainian Troops Told Russians Moments Before Strike

Russia-Ukraine war: The incident took place on Snake Island in Black Sea. (Reuters File Photo) Thirteen Ukrainian soldiers, who were asked to surrender by a Russian warship, were killed after they refused. They instead asked the Russian ship to “go f*** yourself”. An audio clip of the incident has surfaced on social media during the … Read more