Newly discovered crocodile species ate a young dinosaur for its last meal, scientists say

The fossilized bones of a confractosuchus sauroktonos were excavated in 2010 from a sheep station near the Winton Formation, a geological rock bed that is about 95 million years old. Inside the stomach of the 2.5 meter-long crocodile, scientists identified the partly digested remnants of a young ornithopod, according to a paper naming the new … Read more

BA.2, the newly detected version of Omicron, is not a cause for alarm, scientists say

Experts say there’s no reason to panic over the lineage, called BA.2, which was first identified in early December and has since spread to 49 countries including the United States. “Among all the lineages of Omicron, this is the one showing a higher increase of cases. But we have to be careful in interpreting that, … Read more