New Russian Deployments Near Ukraine Border, Show Satellite Images

Russia-Ukraine: Several large deployments of battle groups had been observed, Maxar said (File) Satellite images show multiple new field deployments of armored equipment and troops from Russian garrisons near the border with Ukraine, a private US company said on Sunday, in what its director said indicated increased military readiness. The new activity comes as Russia extended … Read more

Latest Satellite Images Show Massive Russian Build-Up Near Ukraine

Russian Su-34 bombers at the Primorsko Akhtarsk airbase in Krasnodar. Click here for high-res image New Delhi: New satellite images of Russian deployment around Ukraine’s borders show increased military activity in the past 48 hours. The massive build-up comes amid fears that Russia is about to invade Ukraine. Maxar’s high-resolution satellite images filmed over the … Read more

Significant Damage In Tsunami-Struck Tonga, See Satellite Images

An underwater volcanic blast and tsunami caused extensive damage in the Pacific island nation of Tonga. The full extent of a massive volcanic eruption in Tonga that triggered tsunami waves around the Pacific is apparent in new satellite images that show the aftermath of the extensive damage caused by the disaster. Three days after the … Read more