How well is our immunity holding up against Covid-19?

Researchers have been digging into that question, and in general, what they’ve found is that for people who are considered up to date on their Covid-19 vaccines — that means getting a booster when it’s recommended — protection against illness drops off over three or four months after your last dose, but protection against hospitalization … Read more

CDC issues health advisory about acute hepatitis in children

In a health advisory Thursday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention alerted health care providers and public health authorities to the investigation and recommended that providers consider adenovirus testing in children with hepatitis when the cause is unknown, adding that testing the blood in whole — not just blood plasma — may be … Read more

Ventilation helps make public transit safer from spread of Covid-19, but masks are better

Someone infected with Covid-19 releases aerosols that contain the coronavirus when they talk, laugh or simply exhale. If the person isn’t wearing a mask to block those aerosols, they can hang in the air and be inhaled by other people nearby. Outdoors, viral particles may disperse with even a light wind. But indoors, where there … Read more

Florida Health Department advises against gender-affirming care for youth

According to the guidance, released Wednesday, children who identify as transgender or gender diverse shouldn’t be offered social transition care — the process in which a child or adolescent adopts a name, gender pronouns and clothing that match their gender identity — nor should they be offered puberty blockers, hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery. … Read more

How to keep safe while traveling after the mask mandate change

How can people continue to keep safe on planes now that masks are no longer required? What about vulnerable individuals like immunocompromised people and young children who aren’t yet vaccinated? Do you need to quarantine if you’re visiting vulnerable people and you were just on a flight? Should people consider canceling their travel plans? To … Read more

Is wearing a mask while traveling still helpful if you’re the only one?

Face masks offer the most protection against the spread of virus-carrying particles in the air when everyone wears them. But research also suggests that masks can protect the wearer alone, by acting as a barrier between particles and their nose and mouth. “I was actually traveling by plane yesterday when the mask requirement on public … Read more

The bags look like well-known chips or candies, but what’s inside could harm children

Those three letters stand for tetrahydrocannabinol, the part of the marijuana plant that makes people high. Eating even a small fraction of that bag would “overwhelm a child,” said Danielle Ompad, associate professor of epidemiology at NYU School of Global Public Health and senior author of a new study investigating copycat packaging in cannabis sales. … Read more

Routines don’t have to be boring. Daily tasks can add spice to life

Early in the pandemic, researchers pointed to the value of daily routines to cope with change. As the two-year anniversary of the pandemic coincided with the relaxation of public health measures across the country, reflecting on routines and their value has been useful when moving toward a “new normal.” First, having a daily routine and … Read more

Autism is misunderstood, even among those who are autistic

As an autistic individual reporting on politics as senior Washington correspondent for The Independent, the 31-year-old Garcia had grown frustrated about the lack of understanding of autism as a disorder and some of the stereotypes of people “on the spectrum.” He set out to humanize autism by explaining its history, cataloging the lack of support … Read more