Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine

(CNN) Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal called the situation in Mariupol the “biggest humanitarian catastrophe” since Russia’s invasion — and perhaps the worst catastrophe of the century, as the southeastern port city faces constant bombardment from Russian forces. Speaking at a press conference in Washington on Friday, Shmyhal said thousands of people had died in … Read more

Mass graves near besieged Ukrainian city Mariupol are evidence of war crimes, say Ukrainian officials

The claim is supported by photos collected and analyzed by US satellite imagery company Maxar Technologies that appears to show more than 200 new graves at a site on the northwestern edge of Manhush, a town around 12 miles (19 kilometers) to the west of Mariupol. An estimated 100,000 people remain trapped in Mariupol which … Read more

Europe’s summer of floods and fire was its hottest on record, report finds

Deadly flooding in western Europe Two brothers embrace Monday, July 19, in front of their parents’ home, which was destroyed by flooding in Altenahr, Germany. Deadly flooding in western Europe A damaged road buckles after flooding in Euskirchen, Germany. Deadly flooding in western Europe This aerial photo shows a bridge collapsed over the Ahr River … Read more

‘I can’t leave it’: The residents of an embattled Donbas village are determined to stay

But Nikolaevna and her husband are refusing to leave. Like so many people here, they have nowhere to go and no means to support themselves, Nikolaevna said. She has been told that it costs $300 just to get to Bakhmut, the nearest town under full Ukrainian control. “We don’t even have [a] liter of gasoline. … Read more

Live updates: Russia invades Ukraine

A Ukrainian Air Force Mig-29 takes off from Mykolaiv Air Base for a training mission in Ukraine in 2016. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly asked other countries for Soviet-era Mig-29 Fulcrum fighter jets, which Ukrainian pilots already know how to fly. (Giovanni Colla/Stocktrek Images/AP/FILE PHOTO) The Ukrainian Air Force has added about 20 more … Read more

An abandoned Russian military camp in a forest near Kyiv reveals horrors of the invasion

It was 6:40 am on February 24, the first day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and for almost a month, the bombardment there didn’t stop. Nekazakov said he spent 20 days sitting on the ground in his basement during the night. In the cold light of day, he and other residents in his neighborhood would … Read more

Live updates: Russia invades Ukraine, resistance continues in Mariupol

Maj. Serhii Volyna, commander of Ukraine’s 36th Separate Marine Brigade, spoke by phone with CNN from the besieged city of Mariupol Tuesday evening and requested that a third country provide evacuation for troops and civilians trapped in the Azovstal steel plant under heavy Russian bombardment.  “I have a statement to the world,” Volyna said. “It may be … Read more

Putin gives honorary title to brigade accused of Bucha war crimes

Troops in the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade were named by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense as war criminals earlier this month, after mass graves containing murdered civilians were discovered and dead bodies lay in the street following the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kyiv region. In a signed letter on Monday, Putin … Read more

A woman’s family were forced into Russia. She smuggled them to Poland

Turchyn found the man via a messaging app a few days ago, advertising transport services for Ukrainians stranded in Russia. They made a deal– $500 to drive Turchyn’s mom and sister from Moscow to Przemysl, Poland. It’s more than most families fleeing war can afford. She is wondering if it worked. Turchyn turns and suddenly … Read more