The Reason Behind Selecting The PDR Process For Your Car

Does your automobile have dents and scratches on its body? Have you been thinking about repairing them by PDR Process – however the cost has impeded you from advancing. Then do not fret, we’re here to assist you with it. You should look-for a paintless dent removal procedure, which is a relatively much more affordable dent removal process than others.

Regardless of the type or amount of dents or dings your automobile has – many car scratch repair service centers offer these kinds of services(PDR) for automobiles with minor auto body damage. It’s quick, convenient, and can restore your car’s exterior to pre-accident condition that looks like new.

Now a question arises how do you predict that PDR is the right choice for your vehicle? – So, find these tips below to determine that the dents and dings on your car’s body can be fixed with PDR.

What exactly is paintless dent removal?

This is a dent removal process used to restore auto paneling from hail, dings, scratches, minor creasing, and sometimes even powerful dents. As the name suggests, this repair procedure does not involve body filler, sanding, or repainting – technicians singly blow the dent-out of your car’s paneling.

How does PDR work?

The PDR process is very simple but requires advanced skills. Car scratch repair centers use several special tools located behind the dent to gently repair the damage from the inside of the damaged panel.

Specialized PDR lights illuminate your vehicle’s paneling so, the technician is able to precisely locate the affected area and slowly work out each hole. In the final dent-repair process, they will gently-blend and paint the exterior of your vehicle’s paneling until the surface is totally smooth. With thorough buffing, your car’s surface will look as good as new!

Advantages of the paintless dent repair process

This process offers noticeable benefits over others with more intensive repair processes. Don’t forget that this repair technique requires some extensive skills, though, it’s not something that you should practice at home.

Do your research to find an experienced, reputable PDR auto body repair shop for the best experience. Along with a knowledgeable and trained technician, PDR services offer the following plus points:

Significant cost savings

Auto-body fixation does not require sanding, body filler, or repainting charges much less than those. You can usually save a decent amount of several hundred dollars on your repairs with PDR. Use the deals or 40% off advance auto coupons for more saving.

Can paintless dent repair be fixed?

PDR will not provide satisfactory results if your motorcar has the following types of wear

  • Dents with chipped paint
  • Lots of metal scratching under the paint
  • Dents with hard edges

No wrong color-matching

This PDR process requires no painting – so you don’t have to worry about color match errors.

So, that said, if your car’s dings or dents aren’t amenable to paintless dent repair, the service center technician will perform some filling, sanding, and repainting, and their color-matching abilities, for lack of a better term, are unmatched. These technicians take great care to deliver a perfectly matched paint job to artists any time they need to apply for touch-up paint.

Quick Turnaround

In case your car has slight imperilment, paintless dent repair can be performed in a matter of hours. So, you need not have to go without your car for days or by arranging alternative transportation to get yourself to where you have to reach. 

Enhance Resale Value

Dings and dents in the body of your vehicle usually decrease its resale value. However, when that peril is eradicated and your vehicle’s original paint job is still intact. You can typically quote for a higher price when or if you decide to sell.

Warranty Preservation

In case your car is still under warranty, and its paint job is add-in that warranty. PDR will have the natural manufacturer finish intact. Keeping that paint job intact will preserve the guarantee on the paint, so you’ll still be covered if your paintwork suffers damage due to a manufacturer defect.

Preservation of structural integrity

Since PDR typically removes dents from your vehicle’s body panels and does not involve fillers. It helps maintain your vehicle’s structural integrity. It means that more extensive auto body repairs can necessarily negatively affect the structural integrity of your automobile.

You should take your vehicle to a top-quality shop for repairs to return it to pre-accident condition. However, the filler is not as strong or durable as the metal paneling that makes up the exterior of your car. So keep this in mind.

So, for more in-depth information about PDR benefits, check out What Are the Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal/ Repairing process?

Things that can be improved in this process

PDR is great for minor auto body damage that doesn’t involve chipped paint or torn metal. Typically, PDR is used to repair dents from hail damage and even large dents in doors — unless the paint is still intact in the dent.

Paintless dent removal may also be an option to prepare damaged paneling for repainting. Because this repair method minimizes the amount-of-body filler needed to repair large dents, it can offer long-lasting repairs.