Parquet or SPC: which flooring should you choose

A Flooring of a house determines how you will buy other items of décor to complement the flooring. It is because changing furniture, wall hangings, and fixtures are much easier than changing your house flooring. Thus, while constructing and remodeling, one needs to consider which flooring to go for, whether it is Parquet laminate flooring or ceramic tiling.

Your floor will decide the fate of the overall aesthetic of your home. Hence, one needs to pay a lot of attention to the taste and preferences of other inhabitants of the house. Although choosing a flooring option is not binding, making changes midway through construction or after construction is costly. Therefore, a person only has a shot to hit for the perfect fit for the home.

Globally, there has been a surge in particularly two kinds of flooring, namely parquet laminate and SPC flooring in the UK. These two floorings are poles apart in terms of their appearance and feel. Some would prefer to choose one over the other. Hence, you will get a biased opinion from such people. Therefore, in this article, we bring to you a comprehensive analysis of both floor options so that you can make a sound decision based on their different qualities. Let us explore them one by one.

What is Parquet laminate flooring?

It is Natural wood that is cut down into various dimensions of sheets and blended with modern laminate technology. Oak, pine, and walnut are some of the most popular species of wood that are widely used in creating sheets for flooring. This flooring has the texture of natural wood. What makes this type of laminate flooring unique is that it has the best of the qualities of both, traditional hardwood and laminate flooring.

The main problem with traditional hardwood flooring was that it was susceptible to water. The wood would bloat and deform. To solve this problem, companies came up with laminate flooring. It comprises layers of HDF and wear layers. These films or layers give protection from water and other foreign particles, elongating the life of the flooring.

The manufacturing of this flooring includes adding thin layers of wood and this synthetic film one over the other adding thickness and durability.  This process makes the final product more robust than the naturally occurring wood. The synthetic layer acts as a protective barrier against corrosive agents such as water and dirt.  Additionally, these films also make the floor scratch resistant. It is a value-for-money product. I come in many variants depending on the type of wood.

What is SPC flooring UK?

Stone, plastic composite, or in short SPC, is one of the radical innovations in the flooring industry. It is said to be the better variant of Vinyl floors. Due to its composition, this type of floor has the advantage of being 100 percent waterproof. The material composition of the floor makes it more stable.

PVC plastic, which is one the most durable materials used in pipes, blended with rock powder and minerals makes the floor resistant to any kind of deformation. Climatic change has little effect on it. The hard exterior makes it impervious to dents. The installation process is quick, which adds to its advantages.

What should you be choosing?

Now that you know in detail, what these floorings are and what benefits they bring on to the table. Let us consider which one will be a more suitable option for you. Beginning with SPC. The major drawback is that it is highly dense due to the presence of dense materials like stones. They are harder to transport and since they are brittle, and can be broken easily, they need additional care during the logistics.

Another prerequisite for SPC is that, since it does not bend, it needs seamless flat ground. If there is hollow space present underneath it, then it can create an unpleasant sound. Coming back to Parquet laminate flooring. The major drawback is that it is not water-proof. Since it is primarily made up of wood, and since wood is subjected to bloat when in contact with water, it may not be an ideal choice for places like bathrooms.

Another disadvantage of it is that it cannot be refurbished. It is because the outer photographic layer will get damaged from the chemical agents present in the industrial cleaners and the sandpaper will scrap off the photographic layer entirely.

Apart from this, the wooden visual appeal is a feast for the eyes. They provide higher insulation and soundproofing.

Final Overview These were some of the benefits and disadvantages of parquet flooring and SPC flooring in the UK. The final decision boils down to what you are looking for, for your home. Both floors have some plus points and negatives at the same time. The decision should be based on where you live and the visual appeal that you desire to create.

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