Labware Clamps

Labware Clamps are a great way to help secure your equipment and reduce the risk of breakage. They can also help save space in your lab!

These clamps are available in a variety of sizes and prong styles. They also come with a choice of adjustment types and grip sizes.

Adjustable Clamps

Adjustable clamps are a must-have tool for a variety of applications. They can help hold glassware, test tubes, burettes, and more securely in place.

C-Clamps are one of the most common types of adjustable clamps and are a staple for many industrial uses. They have a slider bar that allows you to set the opening capacity to match your needs.

These clamps are fast and easy to use with a single hand. They also have a large surface area at their clamp jaws, making them ideal for applying a clamp load in a wide range of applications.

Fixed-position clamps provide the highest support but don’t offer as many adjustment options as other types of adjustable clamps. These are the best option if you only need to ensure your sample stays in place for a long time.

Buret Clamps

Buret clamps are a type of lab equipment that is used to secure and hold a glass burette on a stand. They are commonly used in titration experiments and can be made from different materials, including plastic and cast iron.

They can be found in single and double sizes. Most have a C-shaped opening, and the clamps are spring-action.

These deluxe buret clamps are die-cast from aluminum and feature black rubber sleeves for firm gripping of burettes. They are adjustable to accommodate up to 30mm OD burettes and are held in place by the pressure of the springs.

A buret clamp is a great tool for holding the glass burette and making it easier to dispense liquids or reagents. It can be purchased online or from your local laboratory supply store.

Glass Clamps

Glass clamps are designed to secure glass panels firmly in place without damaging them. They are a popular alternative to traditional balustrade systems and can be used with all types of glass.

They’re a great way to make the glass in your railing system look more solid and sturdy, ensuring the whole area looks brighter and airier. They’re available in various styles and are particularly good for modern staircases or commercial balconies.

Our MOD 28 and MOD 42 glass clamps are designed for a range of thicknesses and are certified to extremely high safety standards. They’re also ideal for creating a clean, timeless square look for your railings.

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Laboratory Clamps

Laboratory clamps are used to attach apparatus in a laboratory securely. They are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different materials and lab environments.

Clamps are typically made of metals that have heat and corrosion-resistant qualities, such as steel or pressed steel. These durable materials allow you to use them in various corrosive environments, so you can be sure your lab equipment stays in good working order.

There are many lab clamps, including extension, burette, and glass clamps. Each type has its uses and applications.

These clamps are usually adjustable based on the size and length of the material you’re supporting, which can be done by adjusting the thumbscrew or wing nut. They’re also often closed-yoke clamps, which offer superior support while minimizing contamination and corrosion. This closure system is especially useful for working with chemical samples, as it provides excellent protection without any springs or internal workings interfering with your experiments.

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