How to memorize the resistor color code

How to memorize the resistor color code

Resistor color codes are something that each electronics hobbyist ought to keep in mind. The antique mnemonic becomes rather, well, disturbing, and a conscientious individual might by no means recite it. Anyway, on with the higher one! Write this down in an outstanding location and you`ll have it dedicated to everlasting reminiscence in no time! How to memorize the resistor color code

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 Remember Electrical Resistor Color Codes Step 1

Here’s one mnemonic “Bright Boys Rave Over resistor color code Young Girls But Veto Getting Wed. Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey, White  0, 1, 2, three, four, five, 6, 7, eight, 9.

Remember Electrical Resistor Color Codes Step 2

Alternatively, the maximum of the colors is the ones from the conventional rainbow. Black is 0 (as in ‘nothing’), Brown is 1, then Red thru Violet, and subsequently Gray and White are eight and 9. In Russian language, you could use the subsequent word: “Четыре коровы красят ржавый железный забор синтетической формулой, содержащей белок” – чёрный, коричневый, красный, рыжий, жёлтый, зелёный, синий, фиолетовый, серый, белый. In this manner, the word is translated as “Four cows paint a rusty iron fence with an artificial method containing protein”.

Remember Electrical Resistor Color Codes Step three

The multiplier band is going via way of means of the identical code and may be examined as “accompanied via way of means of N zeros”, plus Gold for “divide via way of means of 10” and Silver for “divide via way of means of 100”.

Remember Electrical Resistor Color Codes Step four

Tolerances are something of a mess: Brown and Red are 1% and 2% (you generally spot them due to the fact they have got an additional massive digit), Gold and Silver are five% and 10% and 20% would not even get a tolerance band (you’ll rarely if ever, stumble upon one in all these).

Remember Electrical Resistor Color Codes Step five

To examine the complete thing, positioned the tolerance band at your right, and pass like this: “green-brown-crimson-gold = five-1-00-five% = five.1K five%”. You’ll get used quickly enough, and a chunk later you will be recognizing what you need at once. It’s additionally clean to categorize them via way of means of the decade: crimson is Ks, orange is 10Ks …

Color codes that imply resistance values and tolerances are revealed on resistors.

There are man or woman policies concerning color band placement, meanings, and a way to examine color bands relying on the manufacturer, product, length, etc. Here we explain how to suggest and examine values with color Code for every case of a cord lead resistor and a chip resistor.

Wire Lead Resistors    (→ Leaded Type)

Color codes/color bands at the frame imply “Resistance Value” and “Tolerance”.  Resistors with four bands or five bands are the maximum regular types. Values represented via way of means of hues and their placement are described via way of means of JIS C 60062 as follows.

(Some of them are our in-residence policies.)

There are many approaches to memorizing the colors and the values they represent.  We will display to you the only and simplest manner to memorize as below.  Please use it as a reference if you’ll like.

 【Resistor Color Code Chart】

You can keep in mind the order of color codes via way of means of remembering the order of capital letters withinside the above sentence.

【How to Read Color Code】

The disk with a thickness of approximately 0. three mm lifts the ink from the field and paints it to the resistor. Although it relies upon the product type, resistors are carried at the conveyor at a pace of 500 to one thousand pieces/minute.

Chip Resistors      (→ Surface Mount (Chip) Type)

As to chip resistors, resistance values are expressed via way of means of numbers in maximum cases. However, it’s miles important for Printed circuit board in china examine primarily based totally on the conversion policies below. There can be unique expression/conversion policies relying on the maker, so please check the maker`s catalog and specs for details.

【General Reading Examples】

102  → 10×102 = 1000Ω(1kΩ)

1002 → 100×102 = 10000Ω(10kΩ)

R047 → Read “R” as a decimal factor. → 0.047Ω(47mΩ)

10L0 → Read “L” as a decimal factor of mΩ → 10mΩ

Unlike cord lead resistors, tolerances aren’t proven on the maximum of chip resistors.

In addition, typically there aren’t any markings on-chip resistors with a length of 1005 mm or less.  Because it’s miles tough to position any mark on the sort of small surface. And even though any marks are placed on the surface, they might be too small to be readable. How to memorize the resistor color code

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