Get Ready for Game Day: The Latest Sports Jacket Trends

The hype of upcoming MLB and NBA matches has swung into the city, and sports fans can be seen roaming around the city to complete their style checklist. It’s finally that time of the year when sports fashion can be witnessed roaring high. However, it’s not a problem if you haven’t got your dress for the match day. We have some lip-smacking and exciting sport jacket trends for a reveal. But all folks who are wasting days procrastinating – hear us out – MISSING OUT IS A BLUNDER!

How To Look Good During MLB And NBA Matches

Add A Belt To Your Jacket

Don’t pay heed to the nay-sayers. A belt on a jacket can never go wrong. It’s a tried and tested hack. If you want something sober with fewer colors, a similar color belt would do that job. But if you need something loud and funky, go with a contrasting color belt. For example, if you have Dodgers Jackets to style, go for a red colored belt. It’s going to look awesome, for sure.

Oversized Bottoms

Hmm, want to add pizzazz to your look at match day? Grab an oversized bottom, and you’d be surprised by the edgier look you’ll achieve. It’s perfect for a fashion-forward impact and gives a street-wear-inspired look. You can further pair boots to enhance the chic sophistication.

With the versatility of sports jackets, there are no limits to achieving a stylish personality. Therefore, let’s hop on to the next tip.

Try Out Fitted Pieces

Well, despite oversized bottoms being the trend, fitted pieces have their own charm. For instance, you can pair an oversized jacket with a fitted crop top or a regular one inside. We have various options for oversized Los Angeles Jackets in the market. You just have to grab one of them and wrap yourself around it.

And, tadaaaa! You won’t stop drooling over your look.

Don’t Be Reluctant Towards Pop Colors

We know not everyone is confident with pop and trendy colors. Neutral colors have their charm, but funky and bright-colored coats are neither less. You can try out a bright yellow or trendy purple jacket with a contrasted tee. If you further aim to elevate the look, try adding some punkish boots.

Printed Jackets Never Goes Wrong

Want something unique? Have you ever tried printed jackets? If not, then pin your ears and back and listen to us – you can never go wrong with printed jackets! We even have printed Co-Ords available these days. Just to explain a little more – Co Ords is a coat/jacket and pants set, usually of similar color, which looks awesome when carried!


So here, we wind up our list of ideas that can be used while dressing up for the next match. Whether you are planning to watch the match live at the stadium or set up a screen at your home with your friends – dressing up for the match is something that cannot be left to choice. We hope our guide must have delivered you some value.

Let us know which option you loved the most.

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