15 Best online Paid Surveys

Wait… Are you looking for the best online survey jobs… then you came to the right place, Here I have the 15 Best online paid surveys sites.

As I told you in the last how to earn money online Article you can earn more than 100$ to 200$ per month from the online survey websites by only working for 2-4 hours a day.

How to Get Paid using Online Survey Jobs

There are tons of websites or researcher companies for online survey jobs. But here I have a total of 15 best online survey websites. Where you can earn more than 5$ to 20$ per survey.

How Online Surveys Works

There is more than one business ideas out there. Before the implementation of those ideas we need to test them, otherwise, there are chances that these business ideas will be going to fail in the future.

So, we test those business ideas before investing millions of dollars in the implementation of that idea.

So, Before the implementation of that idea, we need to do market research on that particular idea. We need to check the market need for that particular idea. This process is also called as a Market Research.

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Again the market research is a very huge business in which American companies invest millions of dollars. That is the main reason for online surveys.

So, always remember that you’re not working free of cost for this, you’re providing your value to their business ideas. and that’s why you’re getting paid.

What they will ask you in the Surveys

It is very simple to complete any survey, Even 10-Year-old kid can also do it.

They will ask you some of the basic questions, In which you need to answer in the form of ‘YES’ or ‘NO’, or they will ask you some objective questions in which you need to choose the 1 highly relevant option among the 4-5 options.

Otherwise, they will ask you about your age, education, about your life, about your family background, etc.

How you will get paid in Online Surveys

First, they will announce the survey comes out through Email then as a survey responder you fill out the survey and submit them then you will get paid.

best online Paid Surveys
est online Paid Surveys

15 Best Online Survey Websites

So, here we have 15 best online survey websites. Just go there and signup there and earn more than 500$ a month by doing this part-time job.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks has a huge variety of ways to earn rewards through the surveys.

Swagbucks is a very big website they have paid more than $600,000,000 rewards of all time. they will offer you a reward by completing surveys, playing games, searching on the web, and many other ways you can earn rewards.

2. Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the oldest online survey sites. in which you will get paid 1-5$ each survey.

They have paid more than $32 million worth of rewards. In which you can earn MakePoints using which you can transfer your amount to your Paypal account. Click here to sign-up

Other Online Survey Sites are shown below

  1. Star Panel
  2. iPanelOnline India
  3. Socratic Forum
  4. NPDOR
  5. The Harris Poll Online
  6. YourSay
  7. The Panel Station
  8. Spider Metrix
  9. ValuedOpinions India
  10. SurveySavvy
  11. Permission Research
  12. Planet Pulse
  13. Brand Institute
  14. India Speaks
  15. Panel Place
  16. Toluna
  17. OnePoll
  18. LifePoints

How many surveys you can receive from these sites?

It depends on the site you can receive at least 20 surveys a month from all of these sites. If you sign up to the more then one sites then you will get more then that surveys.

Again in these sites, there is not only one way to earn money you can also earn money by completing their tasks, playing games, etc.

How much I can earn from these online survey sites?

It depends on you, how many surveys you complete in those websites. If you complete all surveys then I will guarantee you that you can earn more then 20,000 to 30,000 a month.

To get more and more surveys to sign up for all survey sites.

What about Payments?

You can receive your payments directly to your PayPal account. Paypal is an application where you can sign up and then you can add your bank account and you can send and receive the money.

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So, these are all details about Best online Paid Surveys. If you still have any queries, questions, doubts then feel free to comment below of course we will definitely give a reply within a day. We provide daily news to you, so Stay in touch with us.

Thank you!

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