Beauty and Beast Coloring Pages

Beauty and Beast Coloring Pages. Beauty and the Beast is one of the numerous famous and beloved animated films by Disney Studios and has been loved so far. He also had sequels, spin-offs, and a live-action remake, which made him great. This collection of coloring pages of beauty and The Beast for Children is here to reintroduce all your favorite figures in the film. These beautiful sides are all completely free to share and have fun with, and we can hardly wait for them to live with them! 

These fantastic characters are ready to get to know them, so we start. If you are looking for coloring pages, then you are at the right place because we share many types of adult coloring pages like Christmas coloring pages, Halloween coloring pages, dog coloring pages, cat coloring pages, dragon coloring pages, horse coloring pages, and free flower coloring pages.

New beauty and Beast coloring pages


Let’s start in this first leaf color of beauty and Beast with one of the heroes of our history: the beautiful. It is a wonderful photo of her that has come straight from the film. He only needs a few colors, and they enter there! Do you dye how you can see, how she does it in the film, or create a unique look for you?


Mrs. Potts is the next, another character that people love! It is one of the unfortunate works of the castle that turns into a domestic object, and here we see that the object is a teapot. In the film, he has violet and beige as their combination of main colors, so they have something to work with if they want to make their screen exactly.


This third photo we have for you catches up with a wonderful moment from the story. The curse has been raised, and the Beast has become human again. This page captures this moment while he and his love start to hug, and it is a wonderful scene. How will you interpret this mighty moment from history?


Let’s go back the time as we see the prince back in his damn beast form. It turns into this monstrous aspect as a punishment for his malice, and he must find true love to become normal again. Does this picture grasp the moment when it looks at what has become this important scene?


We mentioned the curse, which previously transformed the residents of the prince’s castle into objects, and this fifth side of Free Beauty and Beast for Children shows another. This time he is the dog of the castle, Sultan, who turns into a chair. Red and gold are used as the colors of the poor sultan. So will you use them too?


Then we have another resident of the castle transformed by the curse. This time the charismatic lumière is the one we will concentrate on. It turns into a candelabra, and for this reason, it mainly has golden yellow for its color combination. We think that some yellow, made in some pens or colored markers, and would give him a bright and elegant aspect!


Ms. Potts returned to this next page, and this time she was reached by her son Chip. It is such a sweet picture that you show your mutual love, and so many great details can color here. We would use warmer colors to illustrate love in the scene, but what colors will you choose?


It is time to close Belle for this next photo we have for you. It is a different picture that captures his personality, and there are many ways to color this portrait. Regardless of whether you give it a new look with its usual color combination, we know that it will seem incredible in both cases.


Lumière has returned to this next page, and it is a pose that captures his safe and sarcastic personality. If you have colored the previous incarnation of Lumière, will you use the same colors and vehicles or do you try something else for this version?


Beauty and Beast Coloring Pages

Cogs worth is a character that also transforms into a domestic object. This time a watch. It is also the star of this next beauty and the printed color Beast. There are countless small details here, and some darker means, such as colorful pens and markers, would be fantastic. What do you think? Do you use it here for Cogs worth?


Here we have another unfortunate castle worker that turns into an object, and this time it is Madame Wardrobe. As his name suggests, this character was transformed into a cloakroom and made a funny picture of the colors. We recommend using some of the smallest details with colored pencils because they would give them more precision.


Belle is the star of this twelfth side again, and this time we’ll see an excellent view of his beautiful dance shirt. The film is colorful with a nice bright yellow, and you can take an extraordinary photo by going with this combination of colors. It should be one of the most surprising pictures in the collection!


Cogs worth has returned, and this photo captures its strongest injured side. If you have colored this character in the previous appearance, you can dye it with the same colors and vehicles or give it a unique brand new look. For what approach is portrayed? Whatever you choose, we know that it will appear fantastic! You can also draw a background to end the scene.


FIFI is below, and this photo captures it so well! You can also add some funny details when you have finished here. For example, you can create a dust cloud with light-color washing. What other creative techniques do you have to end this picture?


We will end this collection with a different beauty and the beast template with the adorable chip. There is a lot of space here, and it would be nice if I drew a background setting with your favorite scene from the films. Which scene would you choose with chips? We can’t wait to see how to end this last page!

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