“Above (MS) Dhoni’s Head”: Harbhajan Singh Says BCCI Officials Bigger Than Captain | Cricket News

Harbhajan Singh was speaking on the possible reasons why he was dropped from Team India.© AFP

Indian spin great Harbhajan Singh, who recently retired from all forms of cricket, has offered his views on his exclusion from Team India during his 30s. The World Cup-winning spinner said “some BCCI officials” may have been involved in his ouster from the team. He added that then-India captain MS Dhoni may not have had as much say on the matter as BCCI officials. “Yes. MS Dhoni was the captain then but I think this thing was above Dhoni’s head,” Harbhajan told Zee News in an interview.

“To a certain extent, there were some BCCI officials who were involved in this and they didn’t want me and the captain may have supported that but a captain can never be above the BCCI. The BCCI officials have always been bigger than the captain, coach or the team,” Harbhajan added.

In another interview recently, Harbhajan told India TV that he did not receive any explanation after being dropped from the team.


“I tried to ask but when I didn’t get any answer, I decided that there’s no point asking people why I was being treated in that manner and who was behind it. If someone doesn’t want to tell you up front and you keep asking, there’s no point in it. It’s better to leave it there. Whatever is under my control, I will try to control those things. For the things that aren’t, I won’t even look towards them. So this is exactly what had happened,” he elaborated.

“How someone with 400 wickets could be discarded is a mystery in itself, which hasn’t been unravelled yet. But yes, I still wonder, ‘What really happened? Who had a problem with me staying in the team?’,” added Harbhajan.

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