A Unique Truck House Hotel In India

You must be familiar with the popular catchphrase – It only happens in India! Here’s looking at a truly unique Truck House Hotel!

Hotels come in various types but have you heard of a Truck House Hotel? Well, India now has one of the most unique hospitality propositions ever and in a gargantuan size as well! The onset of the pandemic has led to several jugaad options coming to the forefront with people looking for innovative ways to live and travel. Motor homes have never been popular in India unlike countries like the USA where they are hugely coveted. However, a video has emerged with details of how a fantastic hotel room has come upon the base of a classic truck, making it the first such Truck House Hotel in India.


This awe-inspiring video has been posted by Nisarg Resort from Kolhapur on their official channel on YouTube. The truck hotel has been built by the resort in a striking display of innovation, as a new concept or mobile hospitality option. It is quite different from other conventional mobile homes that have been seen earlier. Nisarg Resort has built a wooden two-storied cottage on the truck bed instead of creating a one-room bathroom and kitchen set-up with the truck.


The entry point is through the back and the cottage is built over the Tata classic truck from 1970. There is a left-hand sink and a charming wooden staircase towards the right. The bedroom is positioned upstairs with a marvelous balcony as well. The concept has been executed near-flawlessly. The truck remains completely stationary as expected.


These innovative concepts, as mentioned, are immensely popular in several western countries where people often choose tiny or mobile homes which they can move around wherever they wish. The room here is sized generously and is equipped decently with amenities as well. In fact, this video may as well spark a craze for such motor homes or truck house hotels in the country in the near future. Many garages would also be itching to try out such concepts as innovative and new builds.



Many other innovative concepts have come to the fore in recent times across India. A Mahindra Bolero Camper pick-up truck was masterfully changed into a fabulous caravan sometime earlier. This transformation was executed by Motorhome Adventures who customized the entire design of the vehicle, putting the cabin onto the bed and making it easy to separate or lift from the body with two jacks. In fact, there have been many instances of Force Traveller vehicles being transformed into caravans. DC Design has also reportedly designed many such caravans and other celebrity vanity vans over the years.

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