A dog’s collar should be fitted properly.

Dogs that are used to wearing a head halter are usually small breeds, particularly Chihuahuas, poodles and toy breeds like Yorkshire terriers, Maltese dogs, etc. These dogs have tiny chins, and since the straps are so tight around their necks, they need a tight hold on their heads, otherwise they won’t be able to turn their head.

If the collar fits too tightly, it will cause him discomfort.

A head halter allows the dog to have a good view of his surroundings.

A dog who has been wearing one may not want to dogs wear remove it, which is fine, but you should make sure he understands that if he does not wear it properly and securely, he risks getting hurt.

It is not necessary to train a dog to wear a head halter all of the time; it is something that should be added gradually to their training regimen. If you want to teach your dog to wear a head halter, he will need to learn how to obey commands while wearing one. The commands you use should include “stop”, “sit”, and “stay” and should include a correction if the dog does not comply with the command.

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