Mysore is a city located in India’s Southwestern State of Karnataka. It is home to centuries old devaraja market famous for silk ,species and sandalwood. Mysore has tropical savanna climate the summer prevails from march to may the monsoon arise in June and stays till October Mysore experiences subtle winter weather from November to February Mysore is a major tourist destination and receive many tourist during 10 day dussera festival. You can also book banglore to mysore tour package.

If you are visiting Mysore here are the list of 7 interesting places to add in your itenary:-

1.Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple

One of the most revered Vaishnav temples in the nation is Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, also known as Thiruvaranga Tirupati. It is dedicated to Ranganatha, a reclining form of the Hindu deity Bhagwan (God or Lord) Vishnu. The first and most important of the 108 Divya Desams devoted to Bhagwan Vishnu, this living temple and sacred site of pilgrimage is located in an ethereal setting on the island of Srirangam, which is bordered by the Cauvery and Kollidam (a tributary of the Cauvery).

2.Shri Rangapatna fort

The historical fort of Srirangapatna is located in Srirangapatna, the modern-day state of Karnataka in South India, which served as the former capital of the Kingdom of Mysore. The fort was built by the Timmanna Nayaka in 1454, altered by succeeding kings, and finished in the late 18th century with assistance from French architects. The kings wanted to protect it against British invaders connected to the East India Company. Rivers encircle the fort on three of its sides. The fort is confined by the Kaveri River in one direction, and the Cauvery River protects it from the west and north. Tipu’s palace and Lal Mahal were destroyed when the British took over the fort in 1799.

3.Chamundeshwari temple

The Chamundeshwari temple’s stairs are a very well-liked tourist attraction in Mysore among the locals. No other location is as significant to Mysureans as Chamundi hill

The goddess Durga’s violent manifestation, Chamundeshwari, was responsible for slaying a monster that had previously ruled Mysore. In order to catch a sight of the deity, pilgrims dress to the nines.

4.Mysore maharaja palace

A trip to the Mysore palace is among the greatest things to do in Mysore. It originally served as the royal family’s home and place of abode in Mysore. Now that it is accessible to the general public, the interior is equally vibrant and stunning as the exterior. There are unexpected surprises in every room, such intricately carved wood doors and beautiful artwork

5.St Philomena’s Church

Saint  Philomena’s Cathedral in Mysuru, one of the biggest cathedrals in India, is a magnificent example of Gothic style. The magnificent church was modelled after Germany’s stunning Cologne Cathedral and was constructed to honour the memory of Saint Philomena, a Latin Catholic Saint of the Roman Catholic Church. The cathedral has kept Saint Philomena’s remains. An example of a towering church in Asia is St. Philomena’s Cathedral.

In honour of the saint and martyr St. Philomena, who lived in the fourth century, the Maharaja of Mysuru Mummudi Krishnaraja Wadiyar constructed St. Philomena’s Cathedral in 1843. The cathedral was constructed in the 19th century as a gift for the sizable European communities living in Mysuru.

6.Brindvan Gardens and KRS DAM

Unquestionably, one of the nicest terrace gardens in the world is Mysore’s Brindavan Gardens. Brindavan Garden is a must-see attraction on a Mysore tour and captivates visitors. It is around 12 kilometres to the northwest of Mysore City. With its lit fountains, botanical park, numerous plant kinds, and enjoyable boating, Brindavan Gardens is a place for everyone.

Brindavan Gardens, which were constructed in the KRS Dam complex, are mostly a terrace garden. The Department of Horticulture began work on the creation of these gardens in the year 1927. It is claimed that the project was finished in 1932.

The proposal to beautify the area around the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam (KRS Dam), which is located in the Srirangapatna taluk of Mandya district, came from Sir Mirza Ismail, the then-diwan of Mysore state. This dam, which bears Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV’s name, was constructed over the Cauvery River, one of South India’s well-known rivers. Shalimar Gardens of Kashmir, which were built in the traditional Mughal manner, served as an inspiration for the design of Brindavan Gardens.

7.Mysore zoo

The Mysore Zoo, one of India’s oldest and biggest, is located kilometres from the city’s centre. The famed Mysore Maharaja Palace is only 2 miles distant. It provided not only a rich flora and fauna but also a breathtaking panoramic splendour that was unmatched by anything else because to the grandeur of the Chamundi hills next to it. More than 40 other countries around the world, including Mysore, have a record number of bird species housed in the Mysore Zoo. It is renowned for rearing uncommon creatures, a trait found in just a small number of other zoos worldwide. Its annual visitor count, which is reported to be above one million, is another positive aspect.

Two-day tour package from Bangalore to Mysore Highlights

·        Bangalore offers the chance to experience the traditional royal appeal of upscale shops, innovative microbreweries, and expansive technology parks.

·        At Mysore, you can see sumptuous palaces, lush green sandalwood woods, and fusions of Gothic, Hindu, Mughal, and Rajput architecture.

·        Discover the rich, enduring legacy of a bygone era at Mysore Palace, where you may take a glimpse into the past.

·        See where the Bollywood film “Amar Akbar Antony” was filmed in Mysuru’s St. Philomena’s Church.

·        Go to Mysore in accommodations and vehicles that have been thoroughly sterilised for your safety and pleasure.

How to reach?

There is/are 1 direct train(s) from Bangalore to Mysore. The minimum time taken by a train from Bangalore is 2h 50m. It is the cheapest way to reach Mysore In less time. However the fastest way to reach from Bangalore to Mysore is through bus which takes 2h 30m.

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